I am Vandita Jain.

I am a Graphic designer and Photographer by profession.
And I Love sketching.
I remember the first time when I picked up a pencil for sketching, it was my dad who taught me how to draw simple tables in an easy way.
My father is an inspiration because today all the artistic qualities I have has been acquired from my dad.

Graphic designing for me means creating different perspectives of matter which people can’t see through real eyes and take them to a dreamland.

I have been designing since 2015.

Photography is my hobby which has turned into my profession.
I am a freelance photographer. I like to capture things which people tend to ignore in their daily lives.
I love capturing moments, stories and emotions.
I am a free soul traveller.
I love to explore things on my own as it gives me peace, it gives me a chance to explore more, it helps me self-introspect.
Travelling brings creativity to my work as I get to experience things I have never before, it refreshes my mind and plays a huge role in my growth as a designer.

My favorite quote is “I am a Learner and I will always be” because my personal view is we learn new things every day or the other, we inspire some and get inspired by some but human growth never stops.

So, I believe I’m a Learner who thrives on seeing things out of the box.